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New Mexico HomeRanch Realty specializes in selling residential homes, ranches, farms, recreational properties, land, and horse properties in New Mexico. If you are looking for a place to call home, plant your roots, or place your hat and need expert help from people well versed in the industry, then this is the place to look. We not only sell ranch/farm real estate, we are ranchers ourselves! If you want help from people that have walked the walk, you have looked in the right place. We believe in old-fashioned values where we take pride in our work and do what has to be done while being fair. When we make a promise, we keep it. We will work to market your property or find you the next place you call "home".

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New Mexico HomeRanch Realty is a family owned business that is operated by Joe Cox and daughter Jodie Chism. Both Joe and Jodie have lifetime experience in the ranching industry with ranches of their own. With first hand working knowledge of the ranching industry, you will have a team that talks your talk and has your needs foremost in mind. We have knowledge of the market and can offer you top quality representation in the marketing of your property. Joe's expert knowledge in water rights, Federal and State Land leases will give clients a comfort level that makes the sale and purchase process easy. Jodie is active in Residential Sales along with being able to relate and help ranchers and farmers with their unique needs. Jodie has worked with farmers and ranchers for over 19 years while she was the County Executive Director for Farm Service Agency (FSA). Her experience with government programs and financing gives her a specialized expertise in any aspect of real estate sales.

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